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Machines and clothes for your horse

When you have a horse, you want to be the best experience of my life. It means giving up the care and buy the best riding horse right clothes. Not a good mind is animal just an extension of the pet. His livery stable or pages will provide shelter and housing for the animals, but it will be up to you to maintain and keep in good condition.

Horses food should come from reputable suppliers with efficient delivery times and a wide range of products suitable. It is not just a case of having a few bales of hay and straw in hand and a few bags of food. Nor is it just to get into the cage armed with a bag of carrots. While this is great for horses and all the love that gives a delicious carrot, two or three, it does not mean the end of horse care.

In carrying out his horse to be very sure the equipment you need to make sure your experience is comfortable and safe driving. It is important to consider the body as a whole to protect you and your horse's body from injury or discomfort. Find riding apparel suppliers stock a wide selection of riding saddles in a separate section of the inventory to ensure that in practice, they do not sacrifice the safety factor. If you are ill advised or buy cheap products, sufficient to take risks in the safety and comfort for the horse and rider.

Of course, in addition to a good riding clothes, horse must make sure that you have a happy living environment and the food they provide you with the right materials, including all the best nutrients to stay healthy and energetic. You also need good quality clothes horse, so the horse can feel comfortable, safe and dry. Problems in buying things worse is that the horses respiratory system may be affected by dust so it is important that the bed you buy a horse that contain low levels of dust in order to avoid this problem. Horse care supplies coating helps maintain beautiful condition at all times, along with many other products. Difficulties in horse care can be greatly reduced with a wise decision in clothing and equestrian supplies.

Shipping and feed your horse properly

Horses are one animal that needs a lot of maintenance and care to stay healthy and stay away from the disease and damage. Horses are very sensitive animals are emotionally and therefore also boarding, cleaning, eating, and even horseback riding should be seen not only from a physical standpoint, but also from an emotional standpoint.

Coping involves having a soft ground horse stable half (earth, sand or mats) are well connected to the external box or built so that air flows easily. A large animal like a horse produces 30 pounds of dung and 2.5 liters of urine per day should not be stored in closed, no adequate airflow. An average horse barn is 12 feet by 12 feet. Bedding is also important for the health of horses although not required. Linen absorbs moisture from urine and feces, and reduces the growth of bacteria and parasites. If horses are removed and the position they are cleaned every day, and if your nails are cleaned properly and bi-daily from his horse might not always need to sleep. Unless your plants are not made of dirt or sand material containing rubber in this case, you should definitely put a crib.

Eating horse is a science in itself, but I will discuss some basic concepts, and introduce you to some hay and supplements that I have tried on my horse for years and have seen the results. The first tip that you need to consider when it comes to eating horse is hay to weight ratio. For every 100 pounds of body horse will have to feed 0.5 pounds of hay or feed. The most common hays I have seen people feed their horses and has been used previously is Timothy, Orchard, Alfalfa, and three-way. Alfalfa is not a grass, but nuts. The reason people feed the horses with alfalfa is that it is rich in protein and help your horse to build muscle faster, but it is important to know that also makes alfalfa hyper horse and "hot". Among all the hay I personally prefer Orchard and Timothy. If you like the horse to gain weight can use rice and wheat bran. Rice and wheat bran comes in different forms, but if you are in a powder form (the most common), then you have to do is mix a few pounds a day with hay your horse or simply the number of poor in the hay to feed their horses.

Introduction to buying a horse

Potential horse owner, breeder or broker must make a complicated decision before choosing the winning horse. While mays seems easy to imagine having a horse with a certain attribute characteristics and capabilities, there is more to consider for a successful choice. Whether for agriculture, running, riding or pleasure, you have to pick a horse that is able to provide a quality experience and more than that, someone you can trust and care for their entire lives.

One thing is for sure, as a beginner in the purchase of horses, that you have to choose the type of well-trained and fairly. It will be the choice for beginners to become familiar with the horse, and have more confidence in the process. This is especially true for the pilot of a wild horse or inexperienced horse can be a risk in the long term, unless handled by trainer experience.

In choosing a horse, you should know that there are three broad categories based on the industry they belong to. There is no horse racing, horse racing, and the type of course playback. Each category is like a horse favors based on the activities that will be used.

· For the racing industry, there are several factors to consider. Ras varies depending on the landscape and present obstacles.

· For non-racing industry, most of the activities, including rodeo, English riding events, polo, jumping, show, street, or the management of the farm work is focused on stability, compared with the horse race that requires speed.

· For the livestock industry, most types of horses are included. The horses are kept for the purpose of transferring genetic potential.

· Some features versatile horse but do not expect that a horse can perform all tasks.

After exploring the industry in general, it is important to deepen the equestrian activities and disciplines that can be more specific with what we want from a horse.

· Horses are ideal for driving pleasure, and trail riding and is ideal for physical activity, friendship and wonderful trip. This is the introduction of the most common horse for beginners

· Working on a farm is usually the file type to control the day-to-day tasks. Also used for livestock management, the task is handled only by horses. Also included in the regular rodeo.

· Horse Show is the kind of competition and are also used to pull carts and can also be equipped with a seat to ride some activities. It is an ideal horse for competitive events such as equestrian events. Horses are also beautiful to look at.

· Sport horse race is also known as hot-blooded as Arabs and Thoroughbreds kind of evil. It is still not clear what it means, but it is typically used for sports activities.

In choosing a horse, you need to consider important aspects:

· The farm is very important when choosing a horse for competition and performances.

· Price, now, the horses are trained very hard to find at an affordable price so unless you are experienced in dealing with manifestations trained, you should be prepared to spend more.

· Mode-rare offspring can be very persuasive to some breeders and horse lovers, but again, one must deliberate in buying the correct type.

· The crime and lots of natural conditions and nervous horses. Some descendants of the cold, while the other heat race. There is also a race that is a mixture of cold and hot heat. Some quiet while others are temperamental. It is ideal for horses to prevent harmful habits such as kicking or running wild.

· Formation: horses with good balance and the ability to handle the expected tasks should always be considered. Analyzing the horse from head to tail is ideal to make sure you choose the right.

Horse Training: The main principles Longeing Horse

* Horses must be controlled by the longe, the only function of the whip for the horse moves.

* Size longe should be changed frequently. Horses must lie alternately in a big circle and transform itself into a small circle.

* The air must be replaced regularly.

* Exercise horse Longeing techniques

Start training longeing longeing without the whip. Attach cavesson on horses, if possible, after the tether has been separated, or, if the bridle on the horse in the bridle. Located in longe cavesson ring.

Face the same way face riding and walking near his head, which led by a short in a longe circle left, right near the longe the horse's head, longe in the left hand, not spiral but organized so that the walk is not easily tangled or pinched fingers.

If a horse refuses to lead, the wizard can be pushed forward as quietly as possible to the rear. As the horse used to the lead, gradually extending the longe and fall back a little over a horse's head, to your shoulders. Cluck to drive the horse forward. Use the other hand to make a motion to the same destination or press gently with his hands at his sides, if the horse refuses to move. If the horse turns into a coach, shook longe nose tap on the side of the horse should be facing the center of the circle. Gradually, as the horse learns what you love, horse trainer moves into the circle on it, for the first time at idle, and then on the trot, and finally, when the more competent, and ran the race.

To stop this section, using a soothing voice and a longe move up and down slightly. To stop the horse, longe range of movement up and down, with strong friction on the longe since dropped, would have the greatest effect. The word "whooa" are used in this exercise. When the horse obey, he should be rewarded. When the horses were left in the longe, even on the road, must be carried out by directly toward the same capacity at hand. Horses should not be required until exhausted.

* Use this Longe:

* 1. For young horses exercise without injury.

* 2. To give the horse the first weight training.

* 3. For horses that resist or fight.

* 4. For horses with shoulders more advanced than others.

* 5. For horses that do not work equally well with both hands.

* 6. For horses that bend with difficulty.

* 7. For the first training jump.

* Exercise horse steak:

The steak was a little too moderate because usually runs on the lips and just a few at the bar. Failure hand therefore less harmful to the tender new horse's mouth. When, in the education program, the horse became familiar with the filet, which could be ready for a double double steak brake use, little is known that it is not dangerous and that gives the rider more action in the horse.

Steak double right in the steak should be consistent without branches. Double fillet is also useful in the case of the horse in hand, the drug composite, in this situation, actions produce different effects either by creating each fillet separately or cross effect obtained by the action in the fillets and the fillets on the other side.

Be careful with your horse

When you have a horse that is not the same as a pet owner. Although the owner of the dog can not compare even remotely on the same scale. However, horse owners usually reserved for their animals and are very proud of the responsibility that comes with horse care. For those who are new to horse ownership usually leads to extraordinary relationships rewarding and a great experience. Livestock can be complex and yet so charming, tough and yet refreshing. As with many large animals that do not fall in the bracket of "pet", is the task of feeding the main priority is to do well. Of course, this has a direct impact on health, which is an important priority.

Giving your horse friends and proper balanced diet is the essence of good care and not well create your own combination of food. Food for horses to be designed specifically for your digestion, and your special requirements of vitamins minerals should also play a role. Horse care is expensive and one of the most expensive is the treatment of the animals. We can not go to your local pet stores and veterinarians need a special horse.

If you can not feed your horse the right diet, you can easily damage the health and vitality and cause suffering. This, in turn, is likely to require veterinary care to improve. It's not about spending but about your horse's health and how to maintain it. Need to look at how you can get online equestrian supplies and if you value your horse, take care to order the correct volume of sufficient food and supplements.

As the horse is expensive to maintain, it's good to see a wide range of nutrients and riding equipment online because you can make significant savings without compromising standards.

A horse is a valuable asset and their health is critical to their ability when turned on and ready to saddle up. It requires commitment, loyalty and a high level of responsibility and knowledge to care for horses properly and professionally, no matter how much you amateur cyclists. Horse can not take care of themselves and are not expected to do so, but they are beautiful creatures and should be treated with respect.

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Important information you need to know about buying a horse

If you are thinking of buying a horse at some point in the near future, then this article is for you, because in this article I will share some very important information that will give you a clear idea of ​​what you can expect to go through once when You get a horse.

We all know that riding fun. Even those who do not travel then tell you that the ride is enjoyable and this might be, but what many buyers do not understand the first horse is that ride is not just fun and games. Although it is fun to ride, groom and take care of that takes a lot of time, money and effort.

I'm not trying to make the article sound negative, but this is true for many people put up really ready. For some buyers of horses for the first time this story: take a dozen riding lessons, fell in love with riding and just bought her own horse. The problem is that most buyers of the horse for the first time did not research enough and there are many ways to describe it.

For example, ask almost anyone new to riding or have very little experience with horses - what is the biggest expense when it comes to having a horse? I can almost guarantee that 90% of them will tell you that will be the initial purchase payment. Many people think that the cost of the horse would be the biggest mistake. The fact is that the initial outlay purchases, compared to other expense you will have to cover, are relatively low.

Now, almost everyone in the Western world capable horse. Heck, you could even buy one for a few hundred bucks, but what most people can not afford to keep the horse.

Having a horse is slow and time consuming. Not only during the first two years will have to spend much time with the horses, and teaching them to obey their commands. In addition to this,. Will also have to spend thousands of boarding, horse riding equipment, supplements, food, vet bills, and many other products and services

Take care of your horse's health

If you have a horse of your own to make sure you are healthy and happy. It is challenging to keep your own horse, but the benefits outweigh this if you are really passionate about horses. You should make sure you have the right horse supplements.

Once you know what your horse needs there are different factors to consider. It will depend on age of the horse, what breed is, overall health and well what do you expect to get out of the horse. Obviously, if you're competing in a competition of their own performance animals must be on a higher level. This is compared to if you take leisurely to canter, as part of their hobby. Like humans, a balanced diet and nutritional supplements are essential given the additional necessary, it is always best to get a vet to examine the horse professional before giving you any age nutrition. Your veterinarian will advise you on what will benefit your horse, then you can buy your own.

Of course, a veterinarian will tell you what the best option is easier, but if you really care about your horse you better do a little research of your own as well. To know exactly what is in the supplements and how they can help. If a horse does not have to take anything before, you have to control how much you give and what effect, if anyone has. If you have a better understanding to the vet can tell you where you think the horse should be reviewed and then build on what you already know by asking questions to find out their thoughts.

When you take part in the competition or looking to improve a horse, ask your vet if they can offer advice before doing these things. They ask questions like this a lot and would be more than happy to help. Different supplements have different timescales for when you are really going to start seeing results, some may take a few weeks to months. With nail supplement it takes months to see any effect so stick to this type until the recommended time when you will see the results, if not then contact your vet or research to find out why. You should measure supplements the cup and did not differ from the amount that you give your horse, make sure you do not ever go to the recommended dosage. Take care of your horse properly and check the results, hopefully you will start to see some.

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