Thursday, November 8, 2012

Horse Training: The main principles Longeing Horse

* Horses must be controlled by the longe, the only function of the whip for the horse moves.

* Size longe should be changed frequently. Horses must lie alternately in a big circle and transform itself into a small circle.

* The air must be replaced regularly.

* Exercise horse Longeing techniques

Start training longeing longeing without the whip. Attach cavesson on horses, if possible, after the tether has been separated, or, if the bridle on the horse in the bridle. Located in longe cavesson ring.

Face the same way face riding and walking near his head, which led by a short in a longe circle left, right near the longe the horse's head, longe in the left hand, not spiral but organized so that the walk is not easily tangled or pinched fingers.

If a horse refuses to lead, the wizard can be pushed forward as quietly as possible to the rear. As the horse used to the lead, gradually extending the longe and fall back a little over a horse's head, to your shoulders. Cluck to drive the horse forward. Use the other hand to make a motion to the same destination or press gently with his hands at his sides, if the horse refuses to move. If the horse turns into a coach, shook longe nose tap on the side of the horse should be facing the center of the circle. Gradually, as the horse learns what you love, horse trainer moves into the circle on it, for the first time at idle, and then on the trot, and finally, when the more competent, and ran the race.

To stop this section, using a soothing voice and a longe move up and down slightly. To stop the horse, longe range of movement up and down, with strong friction on the longe since dropped, would have the greatest effect. The word "whooa" are used in this exercise. When the horse obey, he should be rewarded. When the horses were left in the longe, even on the road, must be carried out by directly toward the same capacity at hand. Horses should not be required until exhausted.

* Use this Longe:

* 1. For young horses exercise without injury.

* 2. To give the horse the first weight training.

* 3. For horses that resist or fight.

* 4. For horses with shoulders more advanced than others.

* 5. For horses that do not work equally well with both hands.

* 6. For horses that bend with difficulty.

* 7. For the first training jump.

* Exercise horse steak:

The steak was a little too moderate because usually runs on the lips and just a few at the bar. Failure hand therefore less harmful to the tender new horse's mouth. When, in the education program, the horse became familiar with the filet, which could be ready for a double double steak brake use, little is known that it is not dangerous and that gives the rider more action in the horse.

Steak double right in the steak should be consistent without branches. Double fillet is also useful in the case of the horse in hand, the drug composite, in this situation, actions produce different effects either by creating each fillet separately or cross effect obtained by the action in the fillets and the fillets on the other side.

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