Thursday, November 8, 2012

What Every Horse Rider candidate should know about horses

I just read an interesting article on the BBC website about the state of horse rescue center in the UK. Most centers in the country are working on the ability and the people who work there are struggling to keep up with the increasing number of horses abandonded. I think the same thing happened with another horse rescue centers all over the world.

In the last ten years or more, as a result of overbreeding, horse prices have gone down, and now almost everyone can afford a horse. This is good news for prospective riders because of economic barriers to entry has never been lower. Now you can easily find a horse for sale that does not cost more than $ 1,500. From one perspective this may seem like a great thing for prospective horse owners, but from the angle that makes the growth rate never abandoned horses.

Way too many aspiring pilots horses do not realize that just because you can afford a horse that cost one or two thousand dollars, does not mean that a person is in a strong financial position to cover the cost of maintenance.

You see, many prospective riders do not realize that the price of real horses, the initial outlay for the purchase would be relatively minimal compared to the cost of maintenance. How much can you expect to pay for maintenance of horses every year?

Depending on your personal budget, but at the bottom you can expect to pay between one and two thousand dollars each year just to cover the basic needs of the horse and you can expect to pay between eight and ten thousand dollars per year for premium service.

What kind of service I'm talking about?

First, the riders will have to find a place to ride horses. Obviously, you can have it at home, but only a fraction of the people who have adequate facilities and sufficient amount of private land. Since the majority of people who choose to ride their horses horses at another facility where other people take care of horses.

In addition, as the owner of a horse that you have to cover medical expenses and receipts and bills horses horse feed supplements.

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